Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lansing MI to Ann Arbor MI- 8/3/2009

We woke up at 6:10 to fold our laundry we were able to do in the house the Rondo team slept in last night. We ate a cereal, muffin, and coffee breakfast at Carol’s house and hit the road to Ann Arbor. The roads were terrible but we did get to ride through Hell Michigan, which was fun. We were a little late because we encountered a pretty strong headwind today so we only averaged about 15-16 mph. The Kelly’s provided us with more road snacks today (dunkin donuts, candy bars….the works). We arrived to Probility, where we ate tacos and each got a much needed 5 minute massage. We all showered at Jim Rampton’s house ( a fellow team member) and headed out to our friendship visit at the Eisenhower Center, which is a center for traumatic brain injuries. The people we met there had incredible stories. A majority of the cases were car accidents. Pat, one woman I met, was hit by a car 10 years ago and was fine right after, but 2 years ago she lost the ability to walk. Right now she is working on being able to use a walker so she can walk down the aisle in her daughter’s wedding next spring. That was just one of the life changing stories all of us learned about throughout the night. The dance there was fun as usual. We did all the usual group dances (cha cha dance, macarena, etc) and even got down to a little of NSYNC’s classic “bye bye bye.” Following that, Dave and I visited the University of Michigan’s basketball stadium and then met up with everyone downtown. The only picture I have from today is of Dave at the stadium because my memory card decided to act up today.

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